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Our Mission and Vision


To be the premier trading group in Asia and preferred provider of high quality products and services to the world by earning the respect and loyalty of our local and global customers by providing them with an unparalleled buying, service, and ownership experience that consistently satisfies their needs, exceeds their increasing quality expectations in a comfortable and supportive environment and results in a lifelong relationship with us. Give customers access to the respective industry on their terms through empowered and well-trained employees and family members who reinforce our mission every day and make a positive contribution within our communities

Our Vision

To be the recognized leader in all our areas of functioning including automotive retailing, automotive exporting, automotive importing, garments, electronics and real estate among others.

Our Value System and the talents and aspirations of our employees and family members in all our companies provide the foundation to reach this goal

Our Value System

At the Soni Group of Companies, including Soni Motors, we follow a basic set of principles, which starts with respect for the individual. The respect we show for you and your individual needs also extends to co-workers, suppliers, and everyone involved in our business.

Since our founding in 1911 and regrouping in 1930, the company has been driven by an understood set of CORE VALUES that have helped guide the basic principles of our business for the past 8 decades.

The value system of the Soni Group is the foundation that guides our conduct and decisions. The values are independent concepts which, taken together, form a complete system. Each value is important to the success of the company. We believe that adherence to the following values is fundamental to the fulfillment of our mission and vision.

These CORE VALUES which are the foundation of our organization are:


Customer Delight





Goodwill & Brand Image


Continuous Improvement

Open Communication

Work Ethic




Integrity in all our dealings is critical to our personal and professional success. We speak the truth and honor our commitments. We do what we say we will do...with each other, our customers and the community at large. We do not engage in sales of stolen vehicles and never hide truth for the sake of a quick deal. A long-term relationship can only be built on foundation of honesty and trust. Honesty is one of the four principles enunciated by our great father at our founding

Customer Delight:

We seek 100% customer satisfaction before, during and after the purchase process. We serve our customers with excellent products, services and support. We put clients' interests squarely, convincingly, and unmistakably first. Customer orientation is our second guiding principle of the four founding principles.

Every Soni customer is treated as if they are our only customer, because our jobs are dependant on our ability to understand and meet their needs.

  • We individually and collectively focus our ability to deliver our goods or services to meet or exceed customer expectations
  • We focus on the customer’s needs and expectations in all that we do
  • We treat each customer as a friend
  • We devote our full efforts to the customer’s needs
  • We listen to our customers and are proactive in meeting their needs.


Responsibility of Financial Power

We use our financial power to buy in bulk, purchase in advance of price moves, survive market fluctuations, and make investments. We can then pass on these savings to our local and global customers because we want to use our financial power to maximize our customers profit not ours. Lowest possible price is the third guiding principle enunciated by our great father at our founding


Continually building our capability to maintain our leadership in Asian automotive scene and extending it to other continents. We use our installed base, industry connections, financial power, purchasing clout to get top selection. Top Selection and top quality are the fourth guiding principle enunciated by our great father at our founding

Personal Leadership

We  create a dynamic environment for our people in which excellence will be achieved and expect personal responsibility and accountability from each of our team members. We choose to excel in every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

 The understanding to provide direction, inspiration, and guidance to others by conducting oneself in a forthright and positive manner.

  • We individually and collectively assume our obligations and make decisions that are fair to all parties yet stay within the guidelines of company policy
  • We set positive examples by our behavior
  • We accept responsibility to accept leadership when appropriate and to lead where and when we should
  • We provide leadership for all employees so they may realize their highest personal and career potential


The combined action of a group that fosters an atmosphere of enthusiasm, creativity, and support in the effective achievement of a common goal. We are dedicated to a singleness of purpose - delighting the customer - and insist upon mutual support for one another in everything we do. The talents and productivity of our employees are the heart and brains of the company.

  • We individually and collectively maintain an agenda that reflects what is best for all parties, even at the expense of individual self interest
  • We believe that as a team we have a greater impact than as individuals
  • We seek out and apply our combined abilities and resources to the performance of our daily responsibilities
  • We believe teamwork is the most effective and efficient way of achieving our goals and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Goodwill and Brand Image

We owe much of our success to our customers, employees, suppliers and community. We will conduct ourselves honorably and with integrity in our dealings with all of these communities. We have accumulated enormous goodwill in 76 years of successful operations. We will never fritter it away and will continue to build on it everyday. Soni and Bloomstar are respected brands in most markets, we will do all we can to safeguard the integrity of the brand by maintaining our price and quality leadership in all world markets as we continue to grow

Courage and Accountability

Our courage to do the right things and our courage to do things differently when required – taking informed risks in the pursuit of excellence - ensure that we honor all of our other values.

Accountability is the obligation to be answerable for our actions and decisions to our customers, our company, and one another.

  • We individually and collectively make decisions and/or take actions for which we assume full responsibility
  • We act responsibly in all that we do and are accountable for supporting our corporate values
  • We accept responsibility and accountability for our jobs, actions, and decisions at all times

 We also take ownership of all we do. Ownership is the willingness to assume proprietorship for one’s position, showing initiative, independent action, and accountability at all times.

  • We individually and collectively make decisions and take actions that are consistent with the policies and procedures of the company
  • We are proactive in completing our jobs and solving problems
  • We take ownership of our jobs and actions and accept accountability for them at all times
  • We accept the results of our job performance.

Continuous Improvement

The persistent action to increase job knowledge and enhance job performance. We individually and collectively take advantage of information regarding the business and our specific responsibility so we can better serve our customers. We build on our strengths while identifying and correcting our weaknesses. We are unceasing in our efforts to add value to our measurable processes and results. We are proactive in addressing our customers’ evolving needs and developing solutions to meet those needs. We strive each day for the betterment our company and the enhancement of the services we provide

Open Communication

The willingness to honestly express one’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a responsible and respectful manner.

  • We individually and collectively ensure that communication is "two way"
  • We respect other’s opinions and ideas, even if they are different from our own
  • We impart and exchange thoughts, information, and opinions openly among all employees, with no distinction based on position
  • We do not tolerate hidden agendas either between team members or in dealing with our customers and suppliers
  • We promote open communication between all employees and with our customers at all times. We believe that open communication enhances our performance, job satisfaction and relationship in the long run

Work Ethic

To conduct oneself with a strong belief in a set of principles relating to a job and given responsibilities.

  • We individually and collectively stick with a project until the job is completed. Why leave for tomorrow what can be done today
  • We are obligated, as a company and as individuals, to do those things that we know we are capable of accomplishing
  • We will get the job done correctly and on time. Time is money for our customers and if we can get a vehicle a week earlier to our customer he can get his money in circulation a week earlier
  • We apply our full talents and training to accomplish our objectives
  • We fulfill our responsibilities conscientiously to satisfy our customer’s expectations


Dedication to the satisfaction of our customers, the well-being of our co-workers, and the success of our company.

  • We individually and collectively will do everything possible to achieve what we said we would do
  • We recognize our obligation to the values and goals of our company and pledge our full effort to their attainment
  • We fulfill all commitments we make to our customers
  • We believe in our company’s visions and values, and in performing our respective jobs to the best of our ability


Personal Statement from Jim and Soni Quraishi: We believe in these values and we expect our companies to behave accordingly.


Soni Automotive Group is committed to expressing quality by exceeding customers' expectations in every experience with our products and personnel. Soni will express quality through:

  • Selling the highest quality and highest performing vehicles, parts and accessories
  • The customer relationship, in providing pre- and post-sales support
  • Honoring the letter and spirit of Soni Quality Management System
  • Pursuing Continual Improvement Initiatives


  • Goal #1: To provide the highest level of service to our local and global customers
  • Goal #2: To be absolutely honest in all our transactions and undertaking
  • Goal #3: Use market knowledge, automotive expertise, corporate clout and relationships to buy below market and pass savings onto our customers in all automotive centers of the world
  • Goal #4: To create an uplifting, no-stress and participative environment in which our employees can work efficiently, happily and peacefully
  • Goal #5: To be the best without compromise
  • Goal #6: To be proud of who we are and where we are. Live this pride day to day through honest transactions and by seeking long term customer satisfaction
  • Goal #7: To remember that there is no expense involved in having a positive attitude and a pleasant smile

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